Home Installations

It all begins with an in home consultation where a system designer can examine your space and come up with the system you want while including everything you need to accomplish this goal. By taking note of the size and shape of the room, the lighting, speaker and seating placement, we will design a unique and exciting theater experience in your home. All you have to do is pop the corn and hit play!

Multi-room Audio

No longer will you be listening to a clock radio in one room and a boom box in another. We can seamlessly install a multi-room system, providing high quality sound reproduction, as well as keypads, volume controls, or a wireless remote in each desired space. Whether you prefer tower, bookshelf, or in-ceiling speakers, we can integrate them into your system. Don’t forget about the patio as well.

TV Mounting and Surround Installation

Whether you want your new flat panel to be the center of attention or to be hid away discreetly when not in use, we can provide the proper installation to blend with your wishes. Our professional installers can place your TV on virtually any surface, from drywall to stone. Once the TV is mounted, the surround sound system can be designed to be as discrete as you like while still giving you the cinema quality you expect.

For the Apple Lover

iPods, iPads and iPhones can be a great way to play your favorite music, pictures and videos throughout your home and integrating them is now more convenient than ever. iPod docks and Apple TVs can be installed in your system so that you can have your entire music library at your fingertips playing anywhere you like and can be easily controlled by simply pulling out your apple device and changing the playlist.

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